Augmented Experiences

Some Like It Hot


Can you find brew love?

Take the roll of a new barista at the local coffee shop, learn about the drinks and the regulars, some of whom are the same thing. Some Like It Hot, is a coffee dating game, but not one where you go on coffee dates, one where you date your coffee. Some Like it Hot provides a fun challenge that friends can tackle together, or as competing baristas aiming for employee of the month. A blend between calm story beats, and hectic brewing action, we ask the player to balance their new job and new relationships, and the ultimate question, can they find brew love?


Past Work

Augmented Experiences has been operating since spring 2017 and is made up of a team that was worked together for a while before that.


Battle Tactics: Mech Commander

BT:MC was created by Augmented Experiences as a capstone project in our last year of university. Created in Unity and using Google’s ARCore APK, BT:MC was a multiplayer tactics game where each player had a squad of 3 mechs and took turns moving them around the map and attacking the other team.


The Vertiponics app was created for a client as a proof of concept for their start-up. It was a user interface that would be used to control indoor hydroponic farms. Users were able to add and remove automated tasks as well as check the data from sensor around their farm.


D.E.W. was created as part of a larger team during our time at university.